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Norton, MA

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Repairs and Maintenance

The DeLorean needs routine maintenance and the occasional, more significant refurbishing.  Beyond that there are also a number of customizations and upgrades to improve performance, reliability and functionality. 

Alas, my DeLorean requires quite a lot of upkeep.  I've found that many sources for repairs and maintenance assume a fair bit of mechanics knowledge already, or that you've done something like this before, which isn't very helpful if you're doing this for the first time.  I decided to document everything I do on the car in as much detail as possible to help out others who might be trying to do something for the first time through this blog.  These aren't necessarily the best ways to do things, but they're what worked for me, and include mistakes and troubles I had along the way.

This page contains the thirty most recent articles; for the complete list, click here, or navigate through the calendar to the right.


You will need certain tools when doing any car repairs.  Some of these are pretty obvious, but others are a bit more esoteric.  I've cataloged what I use and why I choose what I choose on the Tools page.  These are just the tools I used, and may not be the ideal tools, but they worked for me.