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Norton, MA

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Upgrades and Modifications

Upgrades to the cars electrical system, engine, suspension and other aspects of the car, as well as introducing modern electronics to the cabin.

This section covers upgrades and additions to the DeLorean.   These range from replacement parts through upgrades to custom additions.  This is a partial list at best.  Dates before 2012 are approximate.

Detailed Projects

Pages linked here contain detailed information about a project, how it was done, the parts and tools, and as much information as possible so that others can reproduce them if they desire.

2.8L EFI Conversion Notes

Notes on converting from the stock Bosch K-JET CIS fuel injection while retaining the stock intake manifold.  This is incomplete, as a hole in the block led me to 3.0L upgrade, but the information here is still useful, like choosing fuel injectors, using Owen's (Spittybug on DMCTalk) fuel rails, and the necessary adaptors and hardware to hook things up.

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3.0L Engine Swap

My 2.8L EFI conversion got cut short by the discovery of a hole in the appropriately-named valley of death.  I decided the best course forward was to swap the entire engine and upgrade to a 3.0L from an 1989 Eagle Premier.  This swap is chronicled in the Repairs and Maintenance blog over a number of posts as I figured out how to do the swap, solved problems that arose and finally installed the engine.

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Assorted Upgrades and Modifications List

Just a list of upgrades and modifications and about when they were done.  Many I have done myself, while some of the older ones were done by shops.  Feel free to contact me if you would like any more information about any of these.

Electrical System

  • Lockzilla Door Lock Module (2002)
    replaces the original, unreliable lock module.
  • Wings-A-Loft Door Opener Actuators (2003) from DeLorean Parts Northwest.  
  • Ignition-Switched Headlights (2004)
    so that I wouldn't forget to turn them off.
  • Cruise Control (2004)
    installed by DeLorean Motor Center.
  • Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror with Temperature, Compass and Map Lights  (2003)
    a Genetex model, similar to this one
  • Dash-Mounted LCDs for Blindspot Cameras (2006)
    as a prototype for a more advanced system I plan on implementing later.  The cameras are mounted behind the rear windows.
  • Upgraded Alternator
    with higher amperage.  I've gone through a few alternators, and don't recall the specs of the current one.
  • Optima Yellow Top Deep Cycle Battery
    for improved reliability and to survive unfortunately common battery drain issues.
  • Power Inverter (2006)
    stored in lock box behind the driver's seat.
  • Backup Sensors (2006)
    installed in the rear bumper.  Mostly work, but tend to pick up the exhaust and sound the alarm unnecessarily.
  • Second Fuse Box Under Driver's Side Parcel Shelf (2006)
    wired directly to the battery and switched with the accessory relay, for further electrical modifications.
  • Peak Deluxe Carbon Fiber Dual Temperature Universal Heated Seats (2006)
    from Sports Imports Limited, both driver and passenger seats.
  • Extended Convex Heated Mirrors (2006)
    from Tom Nemczweski, improving visibility and keeping ice and condensation off in the winter.
  • Three Extra, Independently Fused Cigarette Lighter Style Power Plugs  (2006)
    to charge and power more accessories, mounted under the right driver's side kneepad.
  • One Extra, Independently Fused Cigarette Style Power Plug and Two USB Power Ports (2007)
    mounted under the passenger's side kneepad.
  • Heated Wipers  (2006)
    from Everblades.  They worked well and kept the ice off, although I haven't used these in some time and have since gone back to conventional wiper blades.

Sound System

  • Sony Stereo (2002)
    installed by California Automotive, replacing the stock radio.  For a while I used a Denison Ice>Link to connect an iPod/iPhone, but due to the increased power demands of the newer iPhones I've switched to Kensington unit.  I also have a small spherical remote control mounted near the shifter to more easily manage the radio.
  • Eclipse Front and Rear Speakers (2007)
    Similar to the ones that are sold be DeLorean in Texas, replacing my blown-out rear speakers and tiny front speakers.


  • Halogen Headlights (2004)
    installed by DeLorean Motor Center, replacing the original sealed-beam headlights
  • LED Door and Courtesy Lights (2007)
    which use less power than the old incandescents and do not need to be replaced as often.  Removed the courtesy light delay module so that the LEDs would turn off properly when the doors were closed.
  • High-Center Stop Light (2006)
    from Special T Auto.  It was unpainted, which was resolved with a can of black spray paint and mounted on top of the louvers.
  • Marker Lights as Turn Signals (2006)
    front and rear, for improved visibility and safety.
  • Magnetic Door Light Switches (2007) replacing the mechanical door light switches and improving reliability by removing any moving parts.
  • Headlight Switch Safety Relay (2008)
    from DeLorean Parts Northwest.  Avoids passing the full headlight current through the headlight switch, which can damage the switch and risk fires.


  • High-Torque Starter (2012)
    from, improving starting performance when the battery is low.
  • SPEC-I Exhaust (2012)
    from DeLorean Performance Industries, this provides much better tone and freer exhaust flow resulting in increased performance, although at the expense of increased loudness
  • Ed Uding's Performance Cams (2012)
    purchased from DeLorean Performance Industries, increasing the performance of the engine.
  • Engine Compartment Louvre Brace (2006)
    helps reinforce the louvers and provides a notch to hold up the open engine cover.
  • Relay provides direct power to ignition during start (2006)
    to work around starting issues due to insufficient power.
  • Shaved Cylinder Heads (2012)
    as part of a general engine overhaul.

Cooling System

  • Fanzilla (2002)
    replacing the original fan fail module with a lower-power, more reliable version.
  • Brass Radiator (2009)
    replacing the original plastic one and a later brass radiator installed in 2002.
  • Wings-Be-Cool High-Performance, Low Power Cooling Fans (2012)
    from DeLorean Parts Northwest, to improve cooling performance and reduce power draw.
  • Stainless Coolant Bottle (2003)
    replacing the cracking stock plastic bottle.
  • Coolant Self Bleeder Kit (2012)
    from DeLorean Parts Northwest, with shut-off for diagnosing coolant system issues.


  • Lowered Springs (2006)
    from DeLorean in Texas, replacing the cut front springs and the rear springs.
  • Eibach Shock Kit  (2007)
    from DeLorean in Texas, providing a sportier and generally better ride than the stock springs.
  • Custom Front Anti-Roll Bar (2005)
    Made by a friend from a steel bar and some knuckles.
  • Polyurethane Bushings for Front and Rear Suspension (2012)
    providing a stiffer ride and improved handling.


  • Cup Holders (2002)
  • Front License Plate Holder and EZ-Pass (2006)
    for DOT compliance and convenience
  • Original DeLorean Luggage Rack