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Norton, MA


Joe's Projects

A collection of automative, software and electronics projects.


Projects related to my DeLorean DMC-12.  This includes a combination of routine maintenance, upgrades and improvements.




Various hobby electronics projects, such as building a CPU meter from a Flux Capacitor replica, or modding a car stereo for line in.


Assorted Projects

Other projects that don't really fit into the other sections.  Click the link below for a complete list of projects. 



Legacy Site

My old site, featuring my Lightwave plug-ins and graphics.  


Dog-friendly hiking trails near where I live in southern Massachusetts. 


 Recent Blog Posts

Recent updates and news from the site blog. 

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Our 2007 Hyundai Sonata has XM radio, which we never use.  Unfortunately, it has no line-in jack for our phones.  After dealing with ineffective radio tuners for a few years, I finally did some research on how to add a line in jack to the radio.  It turns out a few people had done it before, and it was pretty straight-forward, as long as you're comfortable removing the radio and doing some light soldering to the XM harness. The final result is a working line-in jack that can plug right into any audio player with a 1/8" jack.

Winter is near, and I need to pull the DeLorean's engine to deal with a hole in the block.  While the garage now has electricity, it's hard to beat sunlight for illumination, and it's still going to get pretty cold in the garage.  I was also worried that electric heaters might blow the breakers when coupled with other power tools, and I don't have easy access to the breakers to reset them.  I decided to tackle this problem with a propane heater and strip curtains mounted over the garage door.

I recently set up some 12v scooter batteries to provide a 105Ah power supply for my rented garage.  I'll update this periodically as I make changes to the setup, but for now it does a good job of providing me with lighting and power while I work on my car.

I've converted the automotive Repairs and Maintenance page into a blog format.  I'm starting to populate this with detailed information about the work I'm doing, including step-by-step instructions, links, pictures and other useful information.  Hopefully others will find this useful, but it's also for my own information so that I can remember what I did and reference it when I inevitably need to do it again.

I take my dogs for walks in various parks and conservation areas.  Many of my neighbors have dogs, so I've put together some links to the areas I frequent, as well as Google Maps generated from my GPS tracks.  I've included information about the terrain, what's there for dogs, traffic, and if there is hunting or not, as well as links to official trail information.  There are also links to dog-friendly hotels and dog parks in the area.

The source for the Lightwave plug-ins is now available on Github for anyone to experiment with.  The code is quite old, but my hope is that someone will be able to do something useful with it.  Click below for more...