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Norton, MA


Some notes and other information that I can reference when working on the DeLorean.

There are a lot of little values that I tend to need when working on the DeLorean that get tedious to look up all the time.  This page collects them and provides me with a quick reference while I do maintenance and repairs. 

Fuel System

Torque Values

The banjo bolts on the fuel system are fairly fragile, and I've broken a few in the past.  I now use a torque wrench to be sure that I have them in correctly.  They require much less torque than I'd expected. 

  • M8 Banjo Bolts (fuel injectors, fuel distributor):  7-9 ft lb
  • M10 Banjo Bolts (CPR/WUR): 9-11 ft lb
  • M12 Banjo Bolts (fuel filter, fuel distributor): 14-17 ft lb


Ignition System

Spark Plugs

  • Bosch HR6DS
    Other owners report problems with otherwise seemingly compatible plugs, and that you should stick with the Bosch ones.
  • Gap: 0.6 to 0.7 mm (0.024 - 0.028 in)
  • Torque: 13-15 ft lb (17.5-20 NM)


  • MDS 8200 series is what I'm currently running.  Seems to work fine.
  • White/yellow wire goes to the coil's positive terminal.
  • White/slate wire goes to the coil's negative terminal. 

Ignition Timing

  • 13+2 degrees BTDC at 775 +50 RPM (vacuum advance disconnected)