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Norton, MA


Enhancements to ease LWPanels programming for developers.

Panel Tools


PanelTools is a global plug-in provides a number of LWPanels enhancements. If you're a developer you can probably figure out how to install it and all that, so I'll skip that part.

Click here to download Panel Tools (57 KB)

Here's are some of the features:

PanelTools -- Control alignment functions: alignLabels(), alignWith(), centerUnder(), putOnLineWith(), rightAlign(), rightAlignWithPanel(), bottomAlign(), putOver() and nudge(), in both single control and array of control variants.

PanelControls -- New control types:

  • PanelDraw -- A variety of new drawing functions.
  • WPopdown(): Like the popdown control in LWPanels, but with a specific width.
  • MultiTrees(): Take a tree control, add multiple user-sizable columns, multi-selection, the ability to draw directly in the list, drag and drop, autosized columns by double-clicking the column dividers, and item vs. pixel based click events. You manage the selection yourself, and simply redraw or refresh the control to update it.
  • PanelProgress -- A progress bar control, plus a modal progress panel.
  • Draw LW-style icons, including arrows, item types and display types.
  • Functions to draw checkerboards, horizontal and vertical dividers, empty and filled boxes, buttons, horizontal and vertical gradients, and panel resize gadgets.
  • RasterDraw -- All the PanelDraw functions for use in rasters.

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to put together any real documentation on this yet. You can download a test program that uses many of the PanelDraw and PanelTools features included in this archive, but you're going to have to tinker with the multitree and progress features. Feel free to post questions to the LW Plugin list on Yahoo! Groups, where I frequently lurk.

Note that Multitrees and WPopdown's are going to be one pixel off in alignment because I had to draw over the underlying AREA_CTL()'s border, so you'll want to nudge() them a bit after aligning them.

Revision History

  • 05-12-02
    - First Public Release