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Norton, MA


Parents all previously unparented items to a new null object.


1999 - 2000

UberNull is a simple command-line utility for Lightwave 3D. It parents all items in the scene that are not already parented to a newly created null object. This is useful for creating setups and assemblies that need to be moved around as one unit and loaded into an existing scene with the Load From Scene button.

The program's operations is very simple; open an MS-DOS prompt, enter UberNull followed by the name of the scene file to process. A new scene ending in -UberNull will be created in the same directory, with all previously unparented items now parented to an UberNull added as the first object in the scene.

Click to download the 32 bit Windows version of UberNull (31 KB)
Click to download the DEC Alpha Windows version of UberNull (63 KB)