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Provides an alternate way to change item edit modes in Layout.



EditCycle is a plug-in for Lightwave 6.0 or greater. It simply provides some alternate ways to cycle through the available tools and edit modes in Layout. It contains two plug-ins, Change Edit Mode and Move/Rotate Cycler. This plug-in requires Lightwave 6.0 or greater.

Click here to download EditCycle (50 KB)


To install EditCycle, just follow these steps:

  • If any copies of Layout are running, quit them now.
  • Create a new directory in your Lightwave Plugins directory called TMPro and copy EditCycle.p into it.
  • Load Layout
  • Select Add Plug-ins.
  • Find and add EditCycle.p. Layout should report that two plug-ins have been added.
  • Quit Layout. This will update your Lightwave config and ensure that everything works properly.
  • The next time you run Layout, you can launch the EditCycle plug-ins from the Generics pop-up in the Plug-in Options Panel, or assign them to keys or buttons on the interface with Configure Keys and Configure Menus. Please refer to your Lightwave documentation for more information. The plug-ins will be the prefixed with TM_P under the Plugins heading of the Configure Keys and Configure Menus panels.

Change Edit Mode

Change Edit Mode cycles between the item edit modes in Layout, shifting between the Object, Bone Light and Camera edit modes. This operates in a simlar to the ChangeSelectionMode command in Modeler (the space bar in the default keyboard layout).


The plug-in determines the current edit mode by reading the type of the currently selected item, changing to the next edit mode in the order of Objects, Bones, Lights, Camears, and then back to Objects again. If noitem are select, it is usually because there are no items of that type in the scene . In this case, Change Edit Mode assumes Layout is in Bone edit mode and skips ahead to Light edit mode, as you are more likly to have no bones in an object than no objects in a scene, and it keeps it from getting stuck in loops jumping from Object to Bone mode.

Move/Rotate Cycle

Move/Rotate Cycle is very similar to the Layout's ChangeTool command (the space bar in the default keyboard layout), except it only cycles between the two tools that apply to all items: Move and Rotate.


Unlike Change Edit Mode, there is no way for Move/Rotate Cycle to determine the currently active tool. Instead, each time it is called it activates the opposite tool from when it was last called, no matter what the currently active tool is. This means that if you have activate the Move Tool by clicking it's button on the Layout interface, and the last tool Move/Rotate Cycle changed to was Rotate, calling Move/Rotate Cycle will appear to do nothing as it tells Layout to switch from the Move Tool back to the Move Tool.