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Some grid size and veiwport zooming tools for Lightwave 6.0 or greater.



GridZoom is a plug-in for Lightwave 6.0 or greater. It simply provides some alternate ways to cycle through the available tools and edit modes in Layout. It contains nine plug-ins, Grid Zoom InGrid Zoom OutGrid Zoom In (More)Grid Zoom Out (More)Grid Zoom In (Double)Grid Zoom Out (Double)Grid To 10.0mGrid To 1.0m and Grid To 0.1m. This plug-in requires Lightwave 6.0 or greater.

Click here to download GridZoom (38 KB)


To install GridZoom, just follow these steps:

  • If any copies of Layout are running, quit them now.
  • Create a new directory in your Lightwave Plugins directory called TMPro and copy GridZoom.p into it.
  • Load Layout
  • Select Add Plug-ins.
  • Find and add GridZoom.p. Layout should report that nine plug-ins have been added.
  • Quit Layout. This will update your Lightwave config and ensure that everything works properly.
  • The next time you run Layout, you can launch the GridZoom plug-ins from the Generics pop-up in the Plug-in Options Panel, or assign them to keys or buttons on the interface with Configure Keys and Configure Menus. Please refer to your Lightwave documentation for more information. The plug-ins will be the prefixed with TM_P under the Plugins heading of the Configure Keys and Configure Menus panels.

Grid Zoom In (More)
Grid Zoom Out (More)

Grid Zoom In (More) and Grid Zoom Out (More) are more extreme versions of Grid Zoom In and Grid Zoom Out. These attempt to change the zoom amount by less than just changing the grid size would.

Grid Zoom In (Double)
Grid Zoom Out (Double)

Grid Zoom In (Double) and Grid Zoom Out (Double) will double the normal effect of changing the grid size, zooming the view twice as much as just changing the grid size would.

Grid To 10.0m
Grid To 1.0m
Grid To 0.1m

Grid To 10.0mGrid To 1.0m and Grid To 0.1m provide one-click access to some common grid sizes, changing it to ten meters, one meter and one centimeter, respectively.