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Various scanned documents and links to sites providing DeLorean repair, maintenance and technical information.

Useful Documents

I've scanned in many of the service and engine manuals I use to work on the DeLorean.  I keep copies on my mobile devices (synced through DropBox) so that if my car ever breaks down I have everything I need to diagnose the problem on hand.    All of them are available here for download.  I highly recommend purchasing reproduction manuals from DeLorean vendors, both to support the vendors and because the physical manuals can often be useful (say, so you don't get oil all over your device).

The files I've scanned personally were created with a Fujitsu ScanSnap document scanner as PDFs, and have been OCR'ed with the FineReader.  This means that you can search the files for specific information you may be looking for.  Since OCR isn't perfect, the files have invisible text overlaid on top of the original scanned images, so what you see on the page will always be the original, accurate information.  Files that I have not scanned myself are generally not searchable. The searchable documents are marked as such below.

Original DeLorean Documentation

These manuals are available in printed form from DeLorean vendors, and it is strongly recommended you buy physical copies from them as well, if for no reason other than to support the vendors.

Assorted DeLorean Documentation

These are scans of documents from vendors covering specific repair procedures.

Community Resources

These are diagrams and other information provided by the community.  Where possible I've linked to the original documents, but in some cases I wasn't able to find the source.

Be sure to check out the forums at,,, and the DeLorean Mailing List, hosted through Yahoo Groups by  I ask a lot of questions on DMCTalk in particular, and the community at all of these are very helpful.  These sites often have links to many other resources, such as those found in the Resources sub-forum, and the Technical Info pages

There is also the DeLorean Tech Wiki, a wiki I started a while ago in an attempt to provide a clearinghouse of technical and repair information in one place.  It's stagnated some, but it is still a useful reference.

PRV Engine and K-Jet Fuel System

The DeLorean features an odd-fire 130 HP PRV engine officially designated as the B28F engine ("B" for gasoline, "28" for 2.8L displacement, "F" for fuel injected) engine with a Bosch K-Jet fuel injection system.  The engine was built as a partnership between Peugeot, Renault and Volvo (hence the name).  These manuals often contain photographs in addition to diagrams, which can make it easier to visualize what you're working on.

3.0L Engine Manuals

The 1989 Eagle Premier (later rebranded as the 1990-1992 Dodge Monaco when Dodge bought Eagle) use a 3.0L version of the PRV used in the DeLorean.  This engine features 160 HP, electronic fuel injection (and thus has modern fuel rails, making conversion to EFI easier than the stock 2.8L model) and a larger displacement, and a decade of design improvements over the model in the DeLorean.  It is also fairly easy to come by, and inexpensive (less than $400).

This is considered the easiest of the DeLorean engine swaps.  It is not trivial, however; you need to swap the lower crankcase from a 2.8L engine to the 3.0L so that the engine mounts line up properly, and you need to set up your own spark and electronic fuel injection system, as the DeLorean's ignition system and K-Jet fuel injection won't work in this configuration (K-Jet might, but everyone who does this goes to EFI instead).  You also have to build a new wiring harness to connect it to the DeLorean's systems.  However, it bolts directly to the transmission and sits easily in the engine bay, without the need to craft adaptor plates or modify the frame.

  • Premier/Monaco 3.0L Engine Overhaul Student Reference Book
    Contrary to the use of the word "student" in the title, this is a detailed manual describing how to work on a 3.0L engine.  The engine is similar enough to the 2.8L model that the B28F manuals can also be used as reference in many cases.  Searchable.
  • 1990 Premier/Monaco Service Manual
    Scans from a well-worn service manual I bought of eBay for $8.  Very handy when trying to figure out what the sensors and fuel system components of the engine are, as they are not covered in the engine overhaul manual.  It also contains engine information not found int he Student Reference Book, such as information about the hydraulic tappets.  Searchable.