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Norton, MA


News and in-progress thoughts on various projects, which eventually get collected into their own dedicated pages.

GitHub repository for Legacy Site Program and Plug-in source

Joe Angell


Due to requests from some Lightwave users, I've decided to put the source for most of my old Lightwave 3D plug-ins and programs up on GitHub so that others can try to compile them for modern versions of Lightwave.  The trick is that this code is fairly old, so it uses now-obsolete C++ mechanisms and the outdated Lightwave 6 SDK, which itself may be too old for modern versions of Lightwave.

My hope is that someone will find the source useful, and this will keep it from getting lost on my machines somewhere.  I can try to answer questions on the source, but is' been a long time since I've done anything with Lightwave.  Good luck to anyone who wants to take a shot at it.